Download Instructions

For PC users:

1. "Right click" on the mouse on the speaker symbol to the right of the talk you want to download.
2. Chose "Save target as..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save link as..." (Firefox)
3. Chose where on your computer the talk will be saved.
4. After it is saved, you can double click it to play in your default mp3 program.

For MAC users:
While downloading hold down the control key and click on the talk.
There will be several options available. If "open with iTunes" is selected
this will play the download but will not save it. You must select download linked file. This will bring the file to your desktop. When the talk is finished downloading it will have an mp3 icon. Then, open iTunes and drag the icon into your ITUNES library or selected file within iTunes. From here it can be downloaded to any mp3 player.